Rush Limbaugh: ‘wake and bake’

Rush Limbaugh thinks he knows what it means to “wake and bake” — and in his mind it involves someone who “does the weed” waking up in the morning and baking marijuana-infused “cookies or brownies.”

“I don’t have any experience with this so I’m unable to render an opinion. Maybe I should go smoke some and find out what this is all about and be able to render an … (interruption) Oh, yeah, eat a brownie. That’s what 'wake and bake' means, right? Yeah, there’s an NFL player who had a Snapchat or Instagram post. He woke up and he’s all happy, and said, 'Time to wake and bake,' and somebody said, 'Wow, that guy does the weed.' So that’s what wake and bake means. Bake some cookies or brownies, I guess. Have you had them? (interruption) What do they taste like? (interruption) I do I wonder what they taste like...

Cause, folks, it’s politically incorrect to say that marijuana might have health risks, because right now the politically correct thing to say about marijuana is that it’s great boon for people who are sick. Medical marijuana is absolutely wonderful even though there’s a recent study says makes no difference in anything. But they think it is. Marijuana is really cool, and it’s safer, and it’s not heroin or cocaine, and it’s a crop! It comes from the ground, and it’s cool, and some of our favorite musicians did their best work while under its influence.” - So it’s cool stuff.

Jul 08, 2015